It’s a Hell of a World

It’s a Hell of a world.

Not this one. (Well, this one is sometimes.) I’m talking about another world. A shared storytelling universe.

Four years ago, Hell came to Earth. But instead of apocalypse, Ragnarok, or end of days, it was a Tuesday. The world continued turning, we discovered that demons are people too… and the Merger became just another moment in history.

I’ve shared a couple of stories in this world. Sealing the Deal and The Trouble with Demons. I’m very happy to share another entry.

David Witanowski, author of the Reynard Cycle, makes the world of the Merger a little but larger with his story: The Downsizing of Hell.

Take a moment to read it. There’s more to come. David and I have enlisted a couple of other friends to create in this space. I can’t wait to read (and share!) their stories!


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