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Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Grumpy Cats of War; or, The Battle for Net Neutrality

Grumpy Cat supports Net Neutrality.

Opposed to Net Neutrality? Grumpy Cat would have words with you. Words that are all “No”.

What is this Net Neutrality? Why should I care?

Imagine this. As a consumer, you’ve always purchased your widgets from Widgets ‘R Us. Everyone you know gets their widgets from them. They are the first company you think of when you think ‘widgets’. Come to think of it, they are the only name you think of when you think of ‘widgets’. Maybe that’s because they are the only company that makes them…

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Go Ahead – Make Someone Else’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Have you picked out your valentines and thought of everyone? You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bring a little happiness into the world, do you?

Making sure that the people around you know that you support Diversity and Inclusion – where you stand – might be the most important valentine that you give this year!

I support Diversity and Inclusion – and I support ACRHealth and the Q Center! Please take a look at the good work they do at ACR Health and maybe kick in a buck or two!

How do the actions you take reveal your character? Be visible in your support for Diversity and Inclusion!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Is That A Mirror On Your Boot Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Brace yourselves – I’ve got another life lesson based on footwear.

I’m in Minneapolis this week for work and leaving the airport found inspiration for today’s post. (There must be something magical in the air out here. A prior trip provided this nugget.) Monday was a travel day. More importantly, a travel day that started in the snowy, slushy, salty, sloshy mush of a Syracuse blizzard. A trip to the Syracuse airport that should have taken less than 20 minutes took almost twice that. While I’ve brought my new pink sneakers (because I always people to know Where I Stand) I didn’t want to expose them to that slushy, salty… you get the picture. My travel footwear of choice? My good old Doc Martens.

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