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When Beginning A New Relationship, I Believe In Putting My Worst Foot Forward: A Love Story

Last month, The Queen and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Holy cow! If you’d been with us the night we met, you probably would not have expected us to make it this far.

Want to hear a funny story? Grab a beverage and pull up a chair…

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Is That A Mirror On Your Boot Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Brace yourselves – I’ve got another life lesson based on footwear.

I’m in Minneapolis this week for work and leaving the airport found inspiration for today’s post. (There must be something magical in the air out here. A prior trip provided this nugget.) Monday was a travel day. More importantly, a travel day that started in the snowy, slushy, salty, sloshy mush of a Syracuse blizzard. A trip to the Syracuse airport that should have taken less than 20 minutes took almost twice that. While I’ve brought my new pink sneakers (because I always people to know Where I Stand) I didn’t want to expose them to that slushy, salty… you get the picture. My travel footwear of choice? My good old Doc Martens.

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I’m Mad as Hell, and… Well, You Get the Idea…

Right this moment, as I type this, I’m sitting at a sports bar crying.

I’m traveling for work this week and have been in strategic meetings since Monday. I am wearing my professional persona. From early morning until late afternoon (and into our group dinners in the evening) I’ve been wearing the mask of the business person. It’s important to look and act appropriate for the role that you are filling. I’m sincere in that statement. In that particular role, I try to be judicious and measured in my communications with my business partners. As I have not yet been pulled aside in a conversation that starts with “hey, we need to talk about that email that you sent…” I figure I’m successful in presenting the persona that my company expects from me.

But right now, I’m pissed. These are tears of anger. I am NOT professional.

Look out.
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Hey Brother – Can You Spare a College Degree?

We live in a wondrous time. Knowledge has never been more accessible to everyone than it is today. The times they are a-changin’. Especially when you think about the higher education industry. Continue reading


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Chapter 93: In Which I Meet a Hero

In my life, I have had the opportunity to meet a personal hero. Twice.

Worried that your heroes may have feet of clay? Not me. At least- two out of two have not failed me. Maybe I’ve led a charmed life. Maybe I just have excellent taste in the people that inspire me. Doesn’t matter- I won’t question my good fortune.  🙂

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