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Pass Me the Quill and Ink Bottle. I’ve Got a Post to Write.

I  am a techie. Always have been. In 1981, I begged my parents to purchase a computer and was THRILLED when they finally agreed. They brought home a brand-spanking-new VIC20! I was the happiest 10 year old around!

Cave drawing of the 1st recorded use of a VIC-20

There’s nothing wrong with the photo.We lived in lower resolution back then.

Over the years, I’ve embraced changing technology. (Hey, we upgraded to the Commodore 64 not long after!) As a result, I’m always a bit perplexed when businesses think that staying current with technology is optional. My retired father – pushing 70 –  uses the Web for all of his banking. The integration of technology tools into every industry is an unstoppable process. E-business is a fact for almost any industry I can think of.

Adapt or die.

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Ethics Are Important Because People Are Dumb

Leaders are human. (Obvious, I know. Stick with me. We’ll get through this!) As such, they make mistakes. (Wait, where are you going? OK, let’s move this along…)

Let’s assume that leaders can make small-m-mistakes or big-M-Mistakes. If you’re new in a leadership role or aspiring to one, you’ll want to keep your inevitable missteps to the shallow end of the pool. Not, as one company has recently done, take a screaming Triple Lindy off the highest platform into the deep end. Operating within a clearly defined ethical system may help you stay on the right side of the floating pool line.

It's a floating pool line.

Which side of the line are you on?

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An Open Response to the “Highly Selective Program” Invitation I Received

Dear Sir,

Please forgive my responding to your email invitation in this public forum instead of directly to you. I am an aspiring writer in addition to my well-established role as a business magnate. As a naturally giving person, I thought your email actually represented the opportunity to share the obvious humor with my readers. You weren’t serious about that program, were you?

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The Invisible Man Never Led Anyone…

So if you caught any of my stuff last week (like this) then you know that I was traveling for work. I’ve been on the road plenty so far this year and expect to keep traveling throughout the rest of the year. Last week, I was in one of the larger organization’s field offices visiting a small team within my group. We have recently changed some of the reporting relationships in my group and so this team now reports in to me. I’ve been a part of this group for about a year and have not been to this office in this role so, based on the new reporting structure, it was the perfect time to visit them.

Out there for most of the week, I had a lot of time to think about a favorite topic of mine. As these thoughts have now been brewing for about a week, I’m ready to put them down on (virtual) paper. So our topic for this evening is- leadership!

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