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Seven Reasons Why Captain America Is Better Than Santa!

Happy Fourth of July!

Inspired by this meme on my Facebook page…

I bring you…

Seven Reasons Why Captain America Is Better Than Santa!

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So We’re Talking Now…

In my continuing mission to expand my creative horizons, I am now part of a podcast.

Yup. Talking. Lots and lots of talking. The Queen loves it.  🙂

Please join my partner in audio crime (Casey) and me on The SuperPodHeroCast as we dissect every superhero movie from Batman: The Movie (1966) to current. We are guys with beers talking about movies with capes.

I think we’re funny. Please take a listen and let me know what you think!

You can find The SuperPodHeroCast at Podbean, Google Music, Pocketcast, iTunes, or just about anywhere you find your pocasts! Visit us on Facebook or at our mini-blog to experience all of the assorted geekery!


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D&D Episode Four: Knightriders – SoundCloud

Getting ready to join David & Danny on the D&D podcast tomorrow as we revisit our lost episode and watch… again… the god-awful Mazes and Monsters! (Why couldn’t the recorder have died in the first five minutes?)

For now take a listen to my guest appearance last year as we watch Knightriders starring a young Ed Harris (with hair!)

Listen to D&D Episode Four: Knightriders by D&D #np on #SoundCloud

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Stone Cold Crazy: The Remaining Infinity Stones in the Marvel Living Universe

Hang on, folks. This one is going to get a bit geeky…

Fan of the Marvel Living Universe? Casual geek? Hardcore nerd? C’mon in, everyone is welcome! Let’s talk about the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Studios comic book movies. What are they, which ones have been found, and what’s left?

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The Force Awakens A New Hope For The Series

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened two months ago. It’s a worldwide blockbuster – as expected – and has made more than $2 billion at the box office. I’ve got some thoughts on the movie (shocker, right?) and you’ve had a chance to see it. So let’s make that jump to hyperspace and get into it.

Spoilers ahead…

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