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The More You Know

“Knowledge is power”

“One to grow on”

“The more you know”

From Francis Bacon to public service announcements, knowing things has always seemed like the secret to success for me. As a student, I had wonderful teachers. When I first entered the workforce, I noticed that my bosses who had everything under control also had an easy confidence – they knew everything about their business. During my time in the military, the NCOs and officers whom I admired always had the right answer to whatever it was we were doing. These were the kinds of leaders who left a mark on me.

That must be it. Knowledge is the key. Want to be a great leader, in whatever you’re doing? It’s all about knowing things.

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When It Comes To Scambaiting, I Can Do This All Day

There are few pleasures in life as pure as messing with scammers. If I also waste some of their time in the process, all the better! I’ve shared the fruits of my labor-of-love in the past across a few different platforms including a recent call where the scammer got to talk to Captain America aka Steve Rogers.

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