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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Blog

He’s coming!

Godzilla- and the movies- occupy a weird place in my geek headspace. What is he (it?)- how do I think about him/it/whatever? (For purposes of readability and my own sanity I will henceforth refer to the Big Man as “he”.)

So we’ve got a movie coming this summer with HIM. What does that mean?

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Movies or Films?

This post’s title is a little misleading- I’m not looking to engage in a debate of popcorn flicks versus fine films. I’m interested in answering one of those irritating questions that gets into the back of your mind and won’t leave- like relatives from out of town in your guest room…

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“Saving Private Ryan” Changed My Life

We are halfway through a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here at Casa di Panek. My father, who lives with us, worked hard all week on the various outdoor tasks culminating in the boys being able to swim in the pool Friday night. It was the perfect start to a long weekend.

Later that evening, after the boys were in bed, I was flipping channels on TV and found AMC starting their War Heroes Weekend by playing a favorite- The Dirty Dozen. It’s the kind of movie that will stop my channel surfing regardless of what point the movie is at. Friday evening I picked it up just as Major Reisman (Lee Marvin) gambles on the Dozen’s tenacity to beat the stiff-necked Colonel Breed’s unit.

Doctor in the soon-to-be hijacked ambulance: “But you’re wearing red force insignia!”

Jim Brown’s deadpan menace: “That’s right- we’re traitors!”

Love it!

I got to pondering, as I often do, about the movies and my love of film. Keeping in the spirit of the War Heroes Weekend, I thought that a story about another great WWII movie, Saving Private Ryan, would be appropriate.

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