Movies or Films?

This post’s title is a little misleading- I’m not looking to engage in a debate of popcorn flicks versus fine films. I’m interested in answering one of those irritating questions that gets into the back of your mind and won’t leave- like relatives from out of town in your guest room…

During the great nerd convocation (aka the Marvel Movie Marathon- read about it here) between a number of the movies we saw this image on the screen.

This looks bad…

So- were we watching a digital file off a hard drive or an actual piece of film on a reel? Or both? Was the content between movies digital files sandwiched between traditional films? If we were watching actual film on reels, the logistics of reproducing and distributing the reels must be enormous! (How does the distributor prevent people stealing the reels to produce perfect pirated copies of the movie?)

I like knowing the “behind the scenes” story. But I’ve never really stopped to think about what was on the other side of the little window high above us in the theater, throwing magic pictures out for our entertainment…

Does anyone know? I’m curious!

(Incidentally, we had no problems with the actual movies during the Marathon. Everyone groaned a little each time we saw the Desktop Recovery page but, thankfully, Microsoft was no match for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!)   🙂


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