A Plant-Eater On The Move

Today marks the end of six weeks of eating an entirely plant-based diet (moving little by little to whole foods). It’s also my last night of a short business trip to Charlotte. This week I faced my first real challenge.

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An Update From The Plant Eater

As promised, an update! We are in our second month of a whole food plant-based diet. I feel great!
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Observations From Our Second Week

The Queen and I are in our second week of eating a whole food plant-based diet. We’ve been trying new recipes, figuring out what works for us, and what goes into the “nope, not again” pile. I’ve got three observations so far.

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New Year, New Habits?

2019 was a tough year.

Age has never really been something that bothered me. I’ve never felt “my age”. I’m not secretive about it – I’ll be 49 in a couple of months. But my age has never occupied much headspace for me.

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For Doug

I picked up a lot of my friends on a technicality.

They weren’t MY friends. Not at first. The Queen and I had moved from New York City to Syracuse. For me, I was back where I grew up after being gone for seven years. I hadn’t stayed connected to a lot of people when I left. So as Aubry and I started building a life in Syracuse, the friends that WE had were mainly the friends that SHE had.

Fine by me. The Queen has excellent taste. She had many wonderful friends who quickly became my wonderful friends.

Doug Montcrieff was one of those friends.

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