It’s a Hell of a World

It’s a Hell of a world.

Not this one. (Well, this one is sometimes.) I’m talking about another world. A shared storytelling universe.

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This I Believe

Inspired by Robert A. Heinlein’s powerful and simple piece, first written in 1952. You can read it here. Here’s where I stand…

I believe in the potential of our country.

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Challenging Myself for November

Well, I’m going to bend (if not break) a rules of engagement that I described in Growth Through Change. In the past, I’ve rushed to share fragments of writing before they were ready for prime time. A couple of years ago I set myself a challenge for a month regular writing. You can read the recap (full of self-chastisement) in Thoughts on the Morning After. Bottom line, I committed to do two things in June of 2012:

  • I will post every day in the month of June.
  • Also, by the end of the month I will have Story Blue, aka The Third String, in a readable state.

The results were mixed. I did post every day. But Story Blue was not nearly close to readable. I realized that I was too eager for the immediate thrill of sharing my writing. I released fragments because I liked people reading them. But those fragments did not lead to finished product. So since then, I’ve tried to only share finished material. I’ve tried not to talk about what I’m going to do. Simply do it – then share it.

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Growth Through Change

Change can be uncomfortable. Who wants to wrestle with the ugly, painful, and awkward process of adaptation? And so, with our primitive lizard brains, we avoid it.

It’s a normal reaction. But just because that’s our reaction doesn’t mean we have to live with it. Our ability to work through change – and grow because of it – can bring us to better places. (Did you see Deadpool?)

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Stone Cold Crazy: The Remaining Infinity Stones in the Marvel Living Universe

Hang on, folks. This one is going to get a bit geeky…

Fan of the Marvel Living Universe? Casual geek? Hardcore nerd? C’mon in, everyone is welcome! Let’s talk about the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Studios comic book movies. What are they, which ones have been found, and what’s left?

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