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Well, sh*t…

Hey there- been a while! That’s on me. I haven’t been writing much lately. I seem to have this 400-ton block sitting squarely on that little bit of creative muscle that I’ve got. I need to break out of this inactivity- and I think someone just kicked me in the ass.

For about as long as I’ve been trying to pursue this creative exercise, I’ve been following another blogger that seems to be on a similar journey- pursuing a deep dream to write that great story inside of us. I’ve enjoyed his stuff, even when I’ve been quietly lurking in the shadows. Check him out at


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Embracing the Squirmy Worms

I had the opportunity to take my 5 year old son, aka the Noodle, to his Karate class this evening. Usually Mom has that duty but her schedule was jam-packed today. Even though I don’t always go to his class, I love watching him in that setting.

Driving him today I got to thinking, as I always seem to lately, how his perspective and embrace of the unknown compares and contrasts with my own process of connecting with my creative side. (Note to self: topic for a future post- is it always about me?) The more I thought about it, the more I realized that his 5 year old perspective warrants some consideration.

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We’re Getting the Band Back Together!

[Note: Before we commence our regularly scheduled program, let’s have a quick status update. I wrote 220 words for Story Blue tonight after putting the boys down to bed. Wrote 100 words today? Check.]

I had occasion to revisit some “Glory Days” type memories last weekend. I went to check out half of a former band in their new project. (Check them out.) Back in the day, two of these guys- Bryan, the singer, and Todd, the drummer- were bandmates in the appropriate-for-the-90’s-titled “Humble Ego”. I played bass in a most excellent fashion. 🙂

I was the last member to join the group. Todd and Bryan had known each other for years- likewise for Bryan and Brian, the guitar player. (Here’s his music. Enjoy!) My joining the band seemed to be the fulfillment of some unholy prophecy- Bryan and Brian, Todd and Todd. Bizarre.

So I found myself last Friday night in a little hole in the wall place in Auburn, NY, listening to some old bandmates rock out. I never shared exactly the same musical tastes but dug the fact that they were still playing. It got me thinking about my own journey and how I’m pursuing what’s important to me.

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Keeping Yourself On Track

It’s almost 11:00 PM on Saturday. Sadly, no writing to report besides what I’m capturing now. Similar to my last three-day break in writing,  I’ve been edgy all day today.

By rights, I should be okay with that. My wife is in a period of heavy commitment between working at her new business and the opening of her show, “The Marvelous Wonderettes“, and I’m on deck as Mr. Mom. I’m happy in this role- although there are moments that I think my two youngest sons (ages 3 and 5) are actively scheming against me, this is a role that resonates within me. I take deep satisfaction in the moments in which I feel that I’m getting it done. There are not a lot of thoughts that I take more pride in that those that tell me- you’re a good Dad- you’re getting it right.

So today was a Dad-centric day. I’m good with that. That works for me.

The only problem is- I didn’t write today. It’s been in the back of my mind today. I haven’t forgotten about it but I haven’t cleared out time today to write. No excuses- but a fair acknowledgement that I didn’t spend any time writing today.

So this got me thinking about motivation this evening. The decision to make a change in your life is a powerful one- but it’s not the last choice you have to make. The commitment to put in work towards this change requires sustained focus. It’s not a “once and done” kind of choice. Like any real change, this requires continued effort over a period of time- not just a few days.

Tonight, I added a single sentence to the newer story idea that last consumed my focus. On top of that, I’ve gave some attention to this earlier story idea (the one that I’ve shared with my brother Matt). I intend to to put in time tomorrow working on that.

If you don’t hear me reporting in with progress tomorrow, please call me on that! If you’re reading this with me, then hopefully the documentation of this change within me is clicking with you. I hope that you take something useful from my writing. Please share!

But ask yourself this- how can you set up a mechanism to keep yourself on track? If your focus begins to fade, what can you do to keep yourself on track?

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Strip Malls

Strip malls make strange bedfellows.

…and in the battle of the motivations, Little Caesars wins by a nose!

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