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We The People

I believe in America.

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We Are Gathered Here Today to Witness the Marriage of Andy and Jenny

I was honored last weekend to officiate the marriage of my Aunt Andy and my new Aunt, Jenny. Both women were beautiful and deserved their own ceremony – one which had never been shared with any other couple. I wrote the following ceremony up to the Affirmation of Intention. I’ve posted the entire ceremony here as a testament to that special day.

Thank you, Aunt Andy and Aunt Jenny, for allowing me to stand with you on such a magical day!

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When Beginning A New Relationship, I Believe In Putting My Worst Foot Forward: A Love Story

Last month, The Queen and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Holy cow! If you’d been with us the night we met, you probably would not have expected us to make it this far.

Want to hear a funny story? Grab a beverage and pull up a chair…

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