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Let’s Agree That We Disagree

Oh, hello.

It’s been a while. I haven’t posted lately. The podcast I co-host has just wrapped its 4th season. (We talk A LOT!!) But my lack of content here doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the topics that keep popping up in this blog.

Like Diversity, Inclusion (and now, adding Equity to that list!) and how those topics will destroy the world. Except, of course, they won’t.

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The Gift That (We Should) Keep On Giving

Some new friends gave me a gift last week. It wasn’t my birthday. I wasn’t expecting it.

I wish I could re-gift it to everyone I know.

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The (White) Elephant In The Room

This is not going to be comfortable.

Let’s get the unpleasantness and formality out of the way up front. I would prefer to be transparent whenever possible. I’ve set this as my own true north on this blog. It is important to me that I write from a place of authenticity.

We don’t grow or improve from a place of comfort. So some odd feelings are not necessarily bad. I will assume that we are both adults. We eat our vegetables, allow needles to pierce our skin for bloodwork or shots, and generally set our jaws at the sort of things that we have to do as grown-ups.

You don’t have to like it – you just have to do it.

So I – a cisgender male, straight, white, Christian-raised, United States Air Force veteran and red-blooded American would like to talk about the (white) elephant in the room.

Diversity, inclusion, and how that will bring about the fall of Western civilization.

(Except it won’t.)

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We The People

I believe in America.

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We Are Gathered Here Today to Witness the Marriage of Andy and Jenny

I was honored last weekend to officiate the marriage of my Aunt Andy and my new Aunt, Jenny. Both women were beautiful and deserved their own ceremony – one which had never been shared with any other couple. I wrote the following ceremony up to the Affirmation of Intention. I’ve posted the entire ceremony here as a testament to that special day.

Thank you, Aunt Andy and Aunt Jenny, for allowing me to stand with you on such a magical day!

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