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Growth Through Change

Change can be uncomfortable. Who wants to wrestle with the ugly, painful, and awkward process of adaptation? And so, with our primitive lizard brains, we avoid it.

It’s a normal reaction. But just because that’s our reaction doesn’t mean we have to live with it. Our ability to work through change – and grow because of it – can bring us to better places. (Did you see Deadpool?)

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I’m Mad as Hell, and… Well, You Get the Idea…

Right this moment, as I type this, I’m sitting at a sports bar crying.

I’m traveling for work this week and have been in strategic meetings since Monday. I am wearing my professional persona. From early morning until late afternoon (and into our group dinners in the evening) I’ve been wearing the mask of the business person. It’s important to look and act appropriate for the role that you are filling. I’m sincere in that statement. In that particular role, I try to be judicious and measured in my communications with my business partners. As I have not yet been pulled aside in a conversation that starts with “hey, we need to talk about that email that you sent…” I figure I’m successful in presenting the persona that my company expects from me.

But right now, I’m pissed. These are tears of anger. I am NOT professional.

Look out.
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Keeping Yourself On Track

It’s almost 11:00 PM on Saturday. Sadly, no writing to report besides what I’m capturing now. Similar to my last three-day break in writing,  I’ve been edgy all day today.

By rights, I should be okay with that. My wife is in a period of heavy commitment between working at her new business and the opening of her show, “The Marvelous Wonderettes“, and I’m on deck as Mr. Mom. I’m happy in this role- although there are moments that I think my two youngest sons (ages 3 and 5) are actively scheming against me, this is a role that resonates within me. I take deep satisfaction in the moments in which I feel that I’m getting it done. There are not a lot of thoughts that I take more pride in that those that tell me- you’re a good Dad- you’re getting it right.

So today was a Dad-centric day. I’m good with that. That works for me.

The only problem is- I didn’t write today. It’s been in the back of my mind today. I haven’t forgotten about it but I haven’t cleared out time today to write. No excuses- but a fair acknowledgement that I didn’t spend any time writing today.

So this got me thinking about motivation this evening. The decision to make a change in your life is a powerful one- but it’s not the last choice you have to make. The commitment to put in work towards this change requires sustained focus. It’s not a “once and done” kind of choice. Like any real change, this requires continued effort over a period of time- not just a few days.

Tonight, I added a single sentence to the newer story idea that last consumed my focus. On top of that, I’ve gave some attention to this earlier story idea (the one that I’ve shared with my brother Matt). I intend to to put in time tomorrow working on that.

If you don’t hear me reporting in with progress tomorrow, please call me on that! If you’re reading this with me, then hopefully the documentation of this change within me is clicking with you. I hope that you take something useful from my writing. Please share!

But ask yourself this- how can you set up a mechanism to keep yourself on track? If your focus begins to fade, what can you do to keep yourself on track?

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