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So Long, Joe, And Thanks For All The Songs

I am a failed singer.

I have loved music all of my life. Sadly, I cannot carry a tune to save my life. It’s a great disappointment for me. But it’s true.

In elementary school, I took piano lessons. In high school, I started playing guitar. I describe myself as a hacker on the guitar and can play some chords. Enough to rough out a song. Very quickly after picking up the guitar, I decided that I was actually a bass player. I spent my late teens and early 20s as the bass player in any band that would have me. (FYI – the bass player gets the second least amount of ass in a band. You’ve got to really be devoted to your craft to pick up the bass. If you’re curious, the hierarchy is right here.)

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Would You Vote For Them? (Superhero Edition)

Election Day! Our opportunity as members of a democratic republic to make our voices heard and elect our leaders. With the 2016 Presidential election a year away, this year is mainly local candidates here in Upstate New York. So let’s have a little fun with some HEROIC candidates in my “What If?” Election Day edition!

Let’s start with:

The Candidates

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Travel Observation #1 – Why I Am Gangsta As F@*&….

At the airport? Long line of people and unused self check-in kiosk? That’s right — I’ll ask the whole line if anyone is going to use it. No takers? Excuse me folks. Pardon me. Do you mind if I use it? Thank you. Excuse me.

Yeah, that’s how I roll.

Woah - watch out. We got a badass over here...

Woah – watch out. We got a badass over here…

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Geek Problem #4492: Who’s Who?

Curse you The Strain and Game of Thrones!!! Abraham Setrakian, Walder Frey… Do I root for him or against him?

What's a geek to do?

What’s a geek to do?

The struggle is real.

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Pass Me the Quill and Ink Bottle. I’ve Got a Post to Write.

I  am a techie. Always have been. In 1981, I begged my parents to purchase a computer and was THRILLED when they finally agreed. They brought home a brand-spanking-new VIC20! I was the happiest 10 year old around!

Cave drawing of the 1st recorded use of a VIC-20

There’s nothing wrong with the photo.We lived in lower resolution back then.

Over the years, I’ve embraced changing technology. (Hey, we upgraded to the Commodore 64 not long after!) As a result, I’m always a bit perplexed when businesses think that staying current with technology is optional. My retired father – pushing 70 –  uses the Web for all of his banking. The integration of technology tools into every industry is an unstoppable process. E-business is a fact for almost any industry I can think of.

Adapt or die.

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