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We Are Gathered Here Today to Witness the Marriage of Andy and Jenny

I was honored last weekend to officiate the marriage of my Aunt Andy and my new Aunt, Jenny. Both women were beautiful and deserved their own ceremony – one which had never been shared with any other couple. I wrote the following ceremony up to the Affirmation of Intention. I’ve posted the entire ceremony here as a testament to that special day.

Thank you, Aunt Andy and Aunt Jenny, for allowing me to stand with you on such a magical day!

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OK Dad- Live Your Convictions

My boy likes dolls.

This warrants some kind of intro. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you may know that I’m a dad with 3 boys- ages 13, 5, and 3. I’m very close to my dad. He is definitely a standard against which I measure myself as a man, a husband, and a father. I’ve had some missteps and false starts but the one consistent driver in my life has been this- “I want to be a good dad.” This is something that matters to me.

I love all 3 of my boys- nothing special there. That [should be] the basic expectation for any dad- love your kids. That is an important motivator for me. I make the best decision that I can then worry whether it’s good enough.

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