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Writing 101 Challenge, Day 2: Migratory Patterns and Reproduction

–Excerpted from Customs of the Pre-Collapse Culture: Fertility Rites, University of New Chicago Press, published A.C. 1758. All rights reserved.

…and so young adults of the species would migrate, aligned with the solar vernal equinox, back to the sandy beaches of their respective origins. This cycle occurred without fail, annually, regardless of other meteorological or environmental factors. After accounting for other population fluctuations, annual migratory levels remained consistent year over year.

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A Little Planning

Alright- vacation!

Today was my last day of work before a week of vacation. We’re going to a water park resort next week and I’m thinking about my 30 Days of Write challenge. I traveled for work last week and found that it was harder than I thought to produce any writing from the road. When I think about throwing my responsibilities as husband and father into the mix while we’re on vacation next week I’m a little concerned.

One of the main frustrations last week was my lack of a PC for writing. I swapped my laptop for a Nook Tablet earlier in the year as I still use a desktop PC most of the time and the laptop was just not something I needed. I actually posted some of the pieces from the Nook Tablet using WordPress’s app but the writing process wasn’t the same. It felt clunky. The app seems to be more suited to posting pictures, video, or short pieces of writing. For this coming week, I see myself going analog- I’ll grab a notebook and sit with my cup of coffee in the morning while writing longhand. I can always enter and upload the finished piece later using the Nook.

Tomorrow’s the big day- my brother Chris is in town and we’re speaking at our high school’s commencement ceremony. Our speech is written, reviewed, and edited. Nothing left but to deliver it!

That’s all for tonight- I hope to post our speech tomorrow.

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30 Days of Write

Alright- June 1st. This blog has been up and running for almost 4 months. I’ve posted around 35 pieces in that time. Better progress than the last 20 years (with a count of… oh, say… 0!) I’m enjoying the writing. I’ve figured some things out related to my creative process. I’m emotionally invested in this process. (If you’re interested in the story of my journey to unlock my creative side, check out the posts in my “Open Notebook” category…)

I’m happy about where I’m at- but I’m not at a point where writing is something I do every day- or even every other day. I feel fulfilled and content when I’m working on something (or have just completed it) but I’m not spending enough of my time on this thing that is clearly a priority for me. So- what do I do now?

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