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The Little Pit Fiend Who Could

The sun was rising above a smoky wasteland. Leather-winged abominations turned lazily in volcanic updrafts. Mindless opportunistic predators, they watched the activities on the pitted plain below. Without warning, a fist-sized Nightwing turned and dropped from the sky towards a seemingly-vulnerable target below. The stony mass next to the twitching red shape erupted with a speed inconsistent with its squat shape. The Nightwing vanished in a single wet bite.

The scorched landscape of Malebolge awakened. A new day had begun in Hell. Continue reading



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Seven Reasons Why Captain America Is Better Than Santa!

Happy Fourth of July!

Inspired by this meme on my Facebook page…

I bring you…

Seven Reasons Why Captain America Is Better Than Santa!

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Me vs. the Sun

So I have this thing I do where I’m stupid. Don’t worry – it’s endearing. Trust me.

Every year I fight this battle. It’s epic. Think the 300 Spartans holding their ground at Thermopylae. The charge of the Light Brigade. The Alamo. Custer. The Starks of Winterfell against… well, pretty much everyone. (Noticing a theme?)

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Chapter 140: In Which The Universe (And An Internet Marketing Consultant) Show Me That I Am Not Nearly As Witty As I Think I Am

Hey, I’m trying.

The blog is 3 1/2 years old. I started this as a means to explore my creative side and free myself from the fear of failure. I’m happy with what I’ve written. I’ve written all kinds of stuff and stayed true to my goals. Along the way, my posts have been viewed more than 39k times. I laughed, cried, and raged on this blog.

But it’s never the wrong time for a little dose of humility.

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Please Ensure Your Freedom Meets the Approved Parameters


Friend-o, we got us a dilemma here. What if my Expression is standing on the outside taking pictures of inane bureaucracy?

That’s okay. I prefer my Expression free-range as opposed to cage-raised.

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July 28, 2014 · 9:37 pm