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Chapter 117: In Which I Share A (Not So) Guilty Pleasure

Technically – on paper – I guess I’m middle aged. It’s true. I’m 43. My once-luxurious dark hair has faded with the years. I now rock the salt and pepper look. But I’m still young at heart. And that feels fine.

In the days of my youth, I pursued whatever interest struck my fancy. My lifelong interest in martial arts? Yup. Purging the memories of being the small kid in class by becoming a cop? Check. Too shy around girls? No proble… uh, next question.

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We’re Getting the Band Back Together!

[Note: Before we commence our regularly scheduled program, let’s have a quick status update. I wrote 220 words for Story Blue tonight after putting the boys down to bed. Wrote 100 words today? Check.]

I had occasion to revisit some “Glory Days” type memories last weekend. I went to check out half of a former band in their new project. (Check them out.) Back in the day, two of these guys- Bryan, the singer, and Todd, the drummer- were bandmates in the appropriate-for-the-90’s-titled “Humble Ego”. I played bass in a most excellent fashion. 🙂

I was the last member to join the group. Todd and Bryan had known each other for years- likewise for Bryan and Brian, the guitar player. (Here’s his music. Enjoy!) My joining the band seemed to be the fulfillment of some unholy prophecy- Bryan and Brian, Todd and Todd. Bizarre.

So I found myself last Friday night in a little hole in the wall place in Auburn, NY, listening to some old bandmates rock out. I never shared exactly the same musical tastes but dug the fact that they were still playing. It got me thinking about my own journey and how I’m pursuing what’s important to me.

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