Well, sh*t…

Hey there- been a while! That’s on me. I haven’t been writing much lately. I seem to have this 400-ton block sitting squarely on that little bit of creative muscle that I’ve got. I need to break out of this inactivity- and I think someone just kicked me in the ass.

For about as long as I’ve been trying to pursue this creative exercise, I’ve been following another blogger that seems to be on a similar journey- pursuing a deep dream to write that great story inside of us. I’ve enjoyed his stuff, even when I’ve been quietly lurking in the shadows. Check him out at


Well, thank you my friend for the little bit of motivation.

There’s this transient award for bloggers called the “Liebster Award”. Good luck looking for its origin. Its background is cloaked in secrecy so thick that not even Google can penetrate it. Or at least, my 3 minutes of browsing didn’t find its story. It was a lazy bit of searching.

From what I can tell, the “Liebster Award” is a peer-to-peer recognition for small blogs. By its nature, it’s intended to be infectious- each successive awardee passes it on to anywhere from 5 to 11 other blogs. It’s like a mathematical proof of why vampirism can’t exist- it collapses under the weight of its geometric progression. (Regardless, I’m still trying to come up with a rationale to support a post-apocalyptic vampire story. No worries- I think I’ve got an idea that will work…)

Let me be clear- my nominator is not a vampire. (Or at least, I have no reason to believe that he IS a vampire!) But this award is a good kind of infectious for a couple of reasons. First, it is now shaming me to write SOMETHING. Second, it also encourages those of us that call ourselves “writers” to support others facing the same challenges and pursuing the same dream. Community can be a good thing.

So in all seriousness, thank you James AKA Jezzarath. My actual acknowledgement post with the obligatory responses and next round of awardees will follow in the next day or two. I truly appreciate the tip of the hat- especially because I’ve now sat down and written a little bit tonight!


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