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He’s the Best at What He Does… and What He Does Ain’t Pretty! [snikt!]

The Wolverine opens this July!

I am so hopeful that this movie is good and atones for the mess that was the first Wolverine movie! The movie draws on material from the classic 1982 4-issue miniseries that is in my opinion the greatest Wolverine story ever. Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, two comic legends, first describe what will become a centerpiece of the character: Logan’s struggle against his bestial nature. Wolverine: mindless animal or noble samurai? This is the story that started it all.

The miniseries stands among the best comic story arcs ever- for any character- so that’s something to be optimistic about. However, Hollywood has already fumbled more storylines and characters than we can count (Fantastic Four’s Dr. Doom? Wolverine’s Deadpool?) I’ve ranted about this before

Please don’t screw this up- bub!


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