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The Picky Eater vs. The Foodie

I love to eat. But I’m not a foodie. My palate is pretty specific- I’m still a picky eater, like I was when I was 7. Vegetables? No thanks. Seafood or shellfish? Uh, no. Thanks for offering.

I’d say that I am a level-20 picky eater- a grandmaster. I’m like a food ninja- you could be sitting right next to me and you’d never even notice I wasn’t eating half of what you are. That’s me- silent but deadly. No, wait- wrong expression…

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Diversity; or, “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign”

Last night I had dinner with a coworker from a different office. He’s in town for work this week and we met  tonight for some good food and great conversation. It got my thinking about a topic that I think is essential to leadership- and leadership is something near and dear to my heart. The topic we were talking about was diversity.

In his book Winning, Jack Welch quickly dismisses mission statements that reference integrity. It’s assumed- integrity for an organization is table stakes. You’ve got to have it just to sit down at the table and be dealt a hand. There’s nothing special about an organization (or leader!) placing a value on integrity. It’s expected- move on. Tell us something special.

Diversity, or more appropriately, understanding the value of diversity, is similar table stakes for a leader. There’s nothing magical about it. But you’d better understand it if you want to be an effective leader. Moreover, you owe it to your people if you are in a leadership position.

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Well, sh*t…

Hey there- been a while! That’s on me. I haven’t been writing much lately. I seem to have this 400-ton block sitting squarely on that little bit of creative muscle that I’ve got. I need to break out of this inactivity- and I think someone just kicked me in the ass.

For about as long as I’ve been trying to pursue this creative exercise, I’ve been following another blogger that seems to be on a similar journey- pursuing a deep dream to write that great story inside of us. I’ve enjoyed his stuff, even when I’ve been quietly lurking in the shadows. Check him out at

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