The Proverbial Can of Worms

So- May has not been a very productive month. I’ve only posted a handful of times- although I am really proud of a couple of them. (Did you read this one? I’m really happy with it.) It has just been a challenging month- mainly due to my day job. Finding the energy to write has been tough and as my relatively few postings show, most of the time I simply blew it off.

But- clearly I’ve tapped into my creative parts in this process and they are not interested in being shut away again for 20 years. I’ve been on edge and unsettled for most of the month. I’d be willing to bet that my wife would have voted me off the island this month if that was possible. The most content I’ve been all month has been when I was actively writing something or just after I’ve posted a new piece. Having started this process of self-transformation,  I think that I now need this creative outlet on a regular basis- hence the post’s title.

I’ve been impressed to follow my Blog-friend James over at So Far Untitled. (Haven’t checked his blog out yet? Go take a look.) He’s previously posted the first chapter of a story that he’s writing. In May, he committed to posting every day as well as having Chapter Two in a readable state by the end of the month. I don’t want to jinx him as we’ve just got a few days to go so you can check out his progress yourself.

I’m asking myself the hard question this morning- do I have the guts to commit to posting every day in June and having Story Blue in a readable state by month end? Immediately when I start thinking about this challenge I start coming up with all the reasons why I shouldn’t- this coming weekend we’ve got a rehearsal dinner and two weddings to attend (one of which I’m reading in), my brother and his partner are coming to visit for the first time in a few years, we’re taking a family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, etc. Plenty of reasons not to put myself out there…

…which I pretty much what got me here- an adult life of listening to that voice in my head that said, “Better not- what if you try writing and you’re not any good? Maybe next year.” An adult life of being so afraid to try something important to me that I never gave it a shot. An adult life of always wishing I was pursuing my dream. Well- clearly that voice is not my friend.

Which brings me to June- looks like I’ve just now committed to posting every day and having Story Blue in a readable state by the end of the month. Please come along for the ride!



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