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Great Deal on a Nook Tablet!

Groupon is offering a great deal on refurbished Nook Tablets (16GB) for $169! Although the ad indicates this is 15% off the list price, they appear to be referring to the list price of a 8 GB Tablet. Barnes & Noble sells the 16GB Tablets for $249- which is better than 30% off!

I’ve had my Tablet for a few months now and love it. I don’t normally post things like this but I love the Nook products and think this a deal worth passing along. It looks like this is a deal for today so act quickly if you’re interested!

Although it is a refurbished unit, the details specifically indicate that you get the full 1 year B&N warranty.



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Life is Good

Life is good. That is all.

Seriously, I am more tired today than I was returning from vacation yesterday. I had a great day- went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with a friend from school, had a wonderful dinner with our large extended family visiting from all over, and am now waiting for our boys to tire out from swimming (more swimming!) and head to bed. Today is the last day scheduled off from work so I’m back to the grind on Monday. But I’m not complaining. I have a very good life and I’m grateful for it. It’s amazing how that simple gratitude for the things we have can color everything in your world.

Good night!

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Winners (and Dads!) Never Quit

As parents, we hope that our kids get our defining characteristics or talents. An aptitude for math, a beautiful singing voice, empathy, athletic ability. We even hope they mirror us in minor ways. Does he have my eyes? Is her hair like mine? Do they like the same flavor ice cream that I do?

It is my worst fear as a father that I will pass on one of my negative traits to my sons. I am a work-in-progress. 41 years now and I am still looking to improve myself. It was on Day 3 of our vacation that I found myself considering the possibility of passing on these negative traits.

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Vacation, Day Three

We’ve had a considerably more low key day today at the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Less time in the water, a little more down time resting in the room, generally a little more laid-back. Overall, an enjoyable day.

This is our second trip to this GWL location. We were here about 5 years ago. My teenage son was 8, the Noodle was an infant, and the Goon was not even a conversation yet. That time, we planned poorly. My oldest son had all of the enthusiasm appropriate for his age being in the water park. My wife and I ended up swapping out every 45 minutes or so with him getting wet while the other one sat with the baby. At the end of 3 days, we were exhausted from trying to keep up with a little hellion. Not a very relaxing vacation.

We are far better equipped this time. Our group- really my wife’s family- comprises 5 adults, 2 pre-teens/early teens, and 2 little guys (the aforementioned Noodle and Goon). Unlike last time, we have plenty of bench strength. I have not had to chase my 3 boys every moment. Woot!

With all the family around helping wrangle my boys this week, it will probably only take a day or two at home to recover from our vacation!


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Vacation, Day Two

I’m writing this at the end of our second day of fun at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Thoroughly exhausted, my wife and I are praying to the wolf spirit that the boys sleep through the night! The Goon (age 3) was up for a few hours last night (midnight to 3 am or so) insisting that he needed to go home as he couldn’t sleep here. Funny, as I would have pegged him as the world traveller. Instead, he is exhibiting some serious homebody tendencies.

I am pretty water logged- we were there when they opened the water park doors at 9 am and were in and out of the water most of the day. The MagiQuest activity was a nice way to break up the soakings. It also puts the day to sleep pretty well- nothing like climbing all over 4 wings on 2 different floors to wear everyone out!

Sadly, the one supply that we are lacking in the mobile pantry we brought from Syracuse is beer. I’ve been a good Dad today- good enough, I think, to splurge on a $6 can of beer! (Note for next year- bring beer from home! These resort prices are crazy!)

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