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Vacation, Day Three

We’ve had a considerably more low key day today at the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Less time in the water, a little more down time resting in the room, generally a little more laid-back. Overall, an enjoyable day.

This is our second trip to this GWL location. We were here about 5 years ago. My teenage son was 8, the Noodle was an infant, and the Goon was not even a conversation yet. That time, we planned poorly. My oldest son had all of the enthusiasm appropriate for his age being in the water park. My wife and I ended up swapping out every 45 minutes or so with him getting wet while the other one sat with the baby. At the end of 3 days, we were exhausted from trying to keep up with a little hellion. Not a very relaxing vacation.

We are far better equipped this time. Our group- really my wife’s family- comprises 5 adults, 2 pre-teens/early teens, and 2 little guys (the aforementioned Noodle and Goon). Unlike last time, we have plenty of bench strength. I have not had to chase my 3 boys every moment. Woot!

With all the family around helping wrangle my boys this week, it will probably only take a day or two at home to recover from our vacation!


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Vacation, Day Two

I’m writing this at the end of our second day of fun at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Thoroughly exhausted, my wife and I are praying to the wolf spirit that the boys sleep through the night! The Goon (age 3) was up for a few hours last night (midnight to 3 am or so) insisting that he needed to go home as he couldn’t sleep here. Funny, as I would have pegged him as the world traveller. Instead, he is exhibiting some serious homebody tendencies.

I am pretty water logged- we were there when they opened the water park doors at 9 am and were in and out of the water most of the day. The MagiQuest activity was a nice way to break up the soakings. It also puts the day to sleep pretty well- nothing like climbing all over 4 wings on 2 different floors to wear everyone out!

Sadly, the one supply that we are lacking in the mobile pantry we brought from Syracuse is beer. I’ve been a good Dad today- good enough, I think, to splurge on a $6 can of beer! (Note for next year- bring beer from home! These resort prices are crazy!)

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