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Ten Years Old

We just turned ten years old! 

This thing we have. Me writing and sharing my serious, silly, provocative, and (sometimes) inspirational thoughts. You reading them and (sometimes) sharing how they resonated – or didn’t – with you. So happy birthday to us!

I started this blog ten years ago. It was an exercise in pursuing a long-hidden dream of writing and working to free myself from the fear of failure. As we are celebrating our entry into double digits, this seems like a good time to reassess.

I’ve just left Colorado, helping my now-married oldest son and his wife move into a new place. Although his profile pic in my phone is a photo of a much younger child, I am impressed with the man he has become. He and his darling wife both serve our country in the armed forces, continuing a tradition for each of their respective families. The word “proud” seems inadequate for my emotions.

My two youngest sons, always amusing from before the beginning of this blog, have grown into the teenagers that my oldest was at the start of this. I find myself amazed and delighted as I see them becoming their future selves more each day. For all of the many challenges of parenting, this seems a fitting reward. I’m optimistic and excited for thier continued growth.

My wife, the Fox, my Queen – remains ever as enchanting as she was the day I met her. She is more formidable today as she proudly runs a business that itself turned ten just a few months ago. It’s probably for the best that she was still developing herself when we met all of those many years ago. I certainly would have been too intimidated to try charming her as I (apparently) did in that too-hip nightclub in Times Square. That she is still the most important person in my life is my good fortune. 

It’s not possible to check in with all of the amazing family and friends I account as the people I love and who love me in return. Thank you, all of you. I will continue to wish I could share my thoughts on who I adore each and every one of you.

Finally, I turn this reflection inward. The clearest skill honed on this blog and in my life these last ten years has been the process of introspection. I am well aware of my (far too many) faults and gaps. I remain a work in progress as I have often humorously (but sincerely) described myself on these pages. On the whole, I am content with the progress made even as I continue to strive to improve.

My own mid-life crisis has seen two job changes in less than a year with the first leaving a company where I have spent the majority of my professional life – almost 16 years. Once again, I consider myself a lucky man. After supporting my wife’s work as she built her own business I am now reaping the same benefits myself. I am able to pursue work that speaks to my most-deeply held beliefs. She has supported my dream in pursuing my own work – something I expect I will be sharing more with you in the coming months.

I write less today than I did at the start. I undertand why. I have another creative outlet for my mix of humor, insight, and curiosity. I’m proud that the podcast my best friend approached me to start with him is in the closing episodes of its fifth season.I’m working on incorporating the lessons learned as I’ve spoke, wrote, and podcasted these last years into this new endeavour. It is work that strengthens who I am and the values I cherish.

Thank you, my readers, for coming with me along this journey. I know that my words have resonated with some people. I hope to continue to lean in on a mantra now tattooed on my right arm – “do Good”. I’m proud of the road behind us and excited for the road ahead. I hope to see you out there with me on those next steps.

Happy birthday to us!


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