Who’s in Your Corner?

It’s me- checking in. I’m happy to report that in addition to some solid brainstorming on elements related to character, plot and setting, I also wrote another 670 words for that story I began yesterday. That’s progress that I can be happy about.

Last night, flush with enthusiasm and adrenaline from accomplishing some writing, I shared the beginning of the story- one page- with my brother Matt. I admire Matt’s overall wittiness and he and I share similar tastes in fiction and humor. I had spoken with him briefly yesterday morning and gotten a chuckle from him when I shared the premise for the story that I intended to start working on.

Matt and I had discussed some of the relative weaknesses in “Sealing the Deal” a day or two after I posted it. Although some elements were conscious choices on my part (like understating the existence of magic in the story), Matt pointed out the same flaws that I shared yesterday in “Clearing My First Hurdle”. I did not expect Matt to blow smoke- but was happy to have someone with whom to discuss this process. I was after an interaction with Matt- not praise.

I was thrilled to get Matt’s email response this morning that I had made him laugh with the first page. The word “whimsy” has been on my mind for the last week or so and that was absolutely the tone I was trying to capture. Getting a response from Matt and knowing that he’s interested in this process is a morale booster.

I thought about the discussion with Matt over the last few days. I realized that, although I’m very happy that the beginning of the story made him laugh, I’ve been bolstering my resolve as I’ve talked to him about this from the start. His feedback and discussion has helped my engagement and it started before I made him laugh this morning. Having someone that is an honest voice and is supportive of my process to step outside my comfort zone is a great asset to have. Change can be scary. Having someone supporting you in that process makes it less scary. It’s invigorating.

So- if my process is at all interesting to you and maybe got you thinking about freeing yourself from fear, who do you have that will support you?

Maybe buy them a cup of coffee (or a beer if they prefer) as a ‘thank you’ before you get started. Can’t hurt, right?



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