Spreading the Love

I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I follow. Check them out- you might enjoy them as well!

In no particular order:

  • So Far Untitled – A nice bloke over in the UK that seems to be on a similar journey- has a day job but really wants to write. I find his stuff very easy to read and enjoyable. Check out his blog here.
  • Thaddeus Miles 365 Project Page – About halfway through a daunting challenge- a photographer, he’s taking or posting a photo every day in 2012. He’s got a great eye and has posted some really amazing photos. Take a look here.
  • Joe’s Shitty Ideas – Funny stuff; quick hits in the spirit of “Shit My Dad Says!”. Instead of a crusty Dad, the author has a friend, Joe, notorious for, well, shitty ideas! Read about a shitty idea here.
  • Sparkling By The Way’s Blog – Disclaimer: written by my wife’s best friend. If you like your humor somewhat sardonic, this is for you! Read it here.
  • Panekroom’s Blog – Big disclaimer: I sleep with the author! 😉 My wife’s very funny blog. Check it out here.

Enjoy- and good reading!



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