Does It Count If You’re Not Sweating?

I am no gym rat. I am a 41 year old husband with 3 kids. I have not been very successful in carving out time for myself to work out. This is not the result of anyone’s choices but mine- I own this.

Interestingly, the one time I consistently get to the gym is when I travel. Either I am antsy from hours of flying/driving or I leave the office I’m visiting and have hours to kill. Regardless, I like sweating a bit.

So I’m traveling this week for work. The other day I wrap up at the office and decide to do some cardio before grabbing dinner. I put on the requisite gear and find the fitness center. This hotel has a cozy little room with a half dozen machines. I grab one and start moving.

Another guest enters shortly after me and sits down on one of the bikes. He begins pedaling. As I’m exercising, I notice that he has a smartphone out, has an earpiece in, and is carrying on a conversation. I’m moving too fast for chatting so I chuckle quietly to myself. A few minutes later, the call has apparently ended. He is now thumb-scrolling through device- all the while ostensibly exercising.

Am I too out of shape to multi-task during cardio or is this guy a poser?


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