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Hello, My Name is Ultron and I Have Daddy Issues

At Comic-Con yesterday, Joss Whedon announced that the sequel to the blockbuster The Avengers will be titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The inevitable response to this: who is Ultron and why do I care?

Let’s take a look at Ultron as a character in Marvel comics.

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Introducing Geek 101

I often get asked about the relevance or history of some geek-friendly topic- usually comic book related. I’m creating a new topic for my blog today: Geek 101. This will group my posts that are intended to introduce my non-geek friends to some very geeky topic. I’m also going back and retroactively adding some old posts to this category. Thinking about dipping your toes into Geek Life? Check these out!

Also, if you’ve got a question about something in the comic book, sci fi, or fantasy realms, drop me a line using the “Contact Me” tab. Maybe your topic will become the next post!

As the great Stan the Man says…


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Saturday Morning Rerun: Roger Zelazny

A couple of years ago, I began replacing my analog library with digital versions of my favorites. I had to come the realization that the physical artifacts- the books- weren’t as important as the content- the stories and information. Ebooks were far easier to maintain and cart around. Last year, I finally took the plunge and got rid of my books. (Read about it here.)

Key to this decision, though, was the idea that I would still have digital versions of my favorite books to share with my children. My oldest son, age 15, is a rabid Stephen King fan and has a love of reading as I do. The little guys, Noodle and the Goon, show all the signs of having that same love.

What are the stories that you really love and have already shared or can’t wait to share with the next generation? Today, I’m talking about my three favorite short stories from one of the greats- Roger Zelazny. If you’ve missed these, maybe you’ll check them out. That is the theme of my “Saturday Morning Rerun”: taking another look at a classic.

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Everyone’s Entitled to an Opinion- But Some of Them Stink!

The Anti-Vaccine Body Count website is a pretty potent illustration of why vaccination is important. In observing that topic, I would point out that the debate- which is not backed on the “anti-vaccine” side by anything approaching scientific fact- is an important reminder of the value of scientific literacy.

There is a hidden danger lurking in our democratic ideals. It is the fallacy that “every person’s opinion is as valid as the next”. More specifically, it is the idea that every opinion is equally true or correct. Sure, I am as entitled to formulate and possess my own opinion as the next person. I’m entitled to exercise that via the ballot (or other means of voting) when applicable. But the idea that my opinion necessarily carries weight, gravitas, or truth merely because it is the opinion that I am entitled to?


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Scratch That Itch!

I just wrote!

Nothing dramatic- but an idea I’ve had brewing for a few weeks. And for a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about it every day then finding a boatload of excuses not to start writing.

But this morning, as I was about 20 pages deep into the history of a blog that I follow, I realized that I was just killing time instead of working on my own stuff. It’s almost 10 am and the day’s schedule is starting to intrude. Everything indicated I was on track to have yet another day that I’d look back on and think, “Well, I didn’t write today. Maybe tomorrow.”

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