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The Trouble With Demons

I’m not saying you can’t cut a deal with demons. But you’d damned well better know what you’re doing. They don’t teach that in business school. You just can’t trust a monster.

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Introducing Geek 101

I often get asked about the relevance or history of some geek-friendly topic- usually comic book related. I’m creating a new topic for my blog today: Geek 101. This will group my posts that are intended to introduce my non-geek friends to some very geeky topic. I’m also going back and retroactively adding some old posts to this category. Thinking about dipping your toes into Geek Life? Check these out!

Also, if you’ve got a question about something in the comic book, sci fi, or fantasy realms, drop me a line using the “Contact Me” tab. Maybe your topic will become the next post!

As the great Stan the Man says…



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