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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Blog

He’s coming!

Godzilla- and the movies- occupy a weird place in my geek headspace. What is he (it?)- how do I think about him/it/whatever? (For purposes of readability and my own sanity I will henceforth refer to the Big Man as “he”.)

So we’ve got a movie coming this summer with HIM. What does that mean?

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An Open Response to the “Highly Selective Program” Invitation I Received

Dear Sir,

Please forgive my responding to your email invitation in this public forum instead of directly to you. I am an aspiring writer in addition to my well-established role as a business magnate. As a naturally giving person, I thought your email actually represented the opportunity to share the obvious humor with my readers. You weren’t serious about that program, were you?

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Stuck in the Middle (With Me…)

This is a request for help.

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Chapter 93: In Which I Meet a Hero

In my life, I have had the opportunity to meet a personal hero. Twice.

Worried that your heroes may have feet of clay? Not me. At least- two out of two have not failed me. Maybe I’ve led a charmed life. Maybe I just have excellent taste in the people that inspire me. Doesn’t matter- I won’t question my good fortune.  🙂

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