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Please Ensure Your Freedom Meets the Approved Parameters


Friend-o, we got us a dilemma here. What if my Expression is standing on the outside taking pictures of inane bureaucracy?

That’s okay. I prefer my Expression free-range as opposed to cage-raised.

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July 28, 2014 · 9:37 pm

Cards Against Humanity as a Lesson in Leadership

Reporting in from the beach, our first morning.

Last night in the midst of a vicious game of Cards Against Humanity, James dropped a little nugget of wisdom on us all. Insightful and relevant to leadership. The succinct observation?

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A Brief (and Bittersweet) Brush With Celebrity

I have some quirks. (News to you? Really? Check out just about anything I’ve ever written here…)

One of them is based on my time living in New York City. For a couple of years, I lived in Queens. I would venture into Manhattan periodically. But without fail, every time I ventured into Manhattan, I expected to see a celebrity. Because Manhattan is where the celebrities are…

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Sometimes You Wanna Go…

…as the song goes, sometimes you want that feeling of familiar comfort. On my impromptu visit to NYC with The Queen this week, I was surprised to find that same welcome.

[Disclaimer: E- the bar’s owner- plied us with food and booze. In my defense of this shameless pandering, I would point out that the beer was perfectly cold and the food delicious. I was defenseless.]

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Happy 100 To Me!

WordPress has just notified me that my last post is my 100th post on this blog. So I’ve got that going for me.

Total internet domination is mine!

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