Cards Against Humanity as a Lesson in Leadership

Reporting in from the beach, our first morning.

Last night in the midst of a vicious game of Cards Against Humanity, James dropped a little nugget of wisdom on us all. Insightful and relevant to leadership. The succinct observation?

When selecting your card to complete the perfect wicked statement:

Know your audience.

In Cards Against Humanity, as in many endeavors, there is no objective single solution. The card that will make one reader break down in tears of laughter might raise a mere “meh” from the next person.

Are you smart enough to recognize the particulars of your situation and adapt accordingly? If your answer is “yes” then you’ve got one of the many elements essential to effective leadership. Bravo- now go out and lead your people!

Another random observation from the game last night that translates well to real-world leadership? When you have a choice, play (be) Batman.

Always be Batman.



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