I’m Not Saying We Should Break Up… We Just Might Need Some Space

This might be a bit awkward.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked at the craft of writing, post by post, as topics interest me. I’ve written a lot of things that I’m proud of. I think I’m a funny person (just ask the Queen!) and I think my humor comes through in my writing. When I write something that resonates with people, I’m always happy and a bit surprised. My writing is a labor of love.

So I feel like a proud parent as this blog has grown ever-so-slightly. A post here, a post there… bit by bit it’s grown. Some folks have followed my blog and allow every new post to hit their Inbox. If that describes you, dear reader, I thank you.

The growth of the blog has not been measured and uniform. It’s been organic and chaotic and alive. That’s awesome. I can’t envision any other style. But when I share a post on the topic of leadership or being a Dad that doesn’t tell you much about my next post’s topic. Maybe I’m going to geek out and write about an upcoming superhero movie.

Which brings me to the reason for writing this. I feel that I should ask you, if you’ve recently subscribed to this blog, to consider whether you’d really like to use your work email address to receive new blog posts. Believe me — I want you to stay with me on this ride. But I can’t make the promise that everything I write will be prim and proper or work-appropriate. I’ve committed to writing with honesty and integrity and sometimes that means a word or perspective that I wouldn’t share at my job. I’d hate to cause you problems at your job because you got my latest blog post in your work email account and there was something in the writing that you wouldn’t read at work. But if the piece I’m writing needs an adult word or thought, I’m going to write it that way. Every time Holden Caulfield drops the F-bomb, it makes sense. I aspire to writing something as good as that iconic red book — and I won’t get there by being afraid to write honestly.

I told you this was odd. I’m not trying to drive away followers. I’d just ask you to consider following via a personal, rather than professional, email address. I commit to honest writing and promise that is what you’ll (continue!) to get on this blog. I draw a careful line between my writing here and my job there. I’d ask you to draw a similar line.

So, in summary, it’s not you. It’s me.

But please don’t go!


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