An Open Letter To Those People Opening This Time Capsule In 2030

So… you’re welcome. We enrolled the Goon in a theater camp which started this weekend. You really have The Queen and me to be thanking right now.

On his way to the first class this weekend, Papa pointed out that perhaps the Goon might end up as a famous actor. Always the modest one, the Goon disagreed. He told Papa that he was really more of a singer and dancer. (Courtesy reminder: the Goon is 6.)

The Goon might be selling himself short, though. Apparently, at the end of the class, the Goon told the teacher that she should consider doing a show about The Three Pigs and that he should be the Big Bad Wolf…

…so yes, citizens of the year 2030, in which the Goon has been named both Best Actor and Defender of the Realm of Man and Allied Species, you are welcome. I knew him way back when.


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