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The Greatest [Wolverine] Story Ever Told…

… surprise- won’t be found in the latest movie!

A few days ago, I saw The Wolverine with my two comrades-in-geekdom. As I mentioned a while back, I had high hopes for this movie. From an early perspective, it looked like the newest movie’s story was based on a four issue mini-series published by Marvel Comics in 1982 written by Chris Claremont and pencilled by Frank Miller. These two guys are geniuses. Chris Claremont wrote X-Men for 17 years. Seriously. “Days of Future Past”- the storyline that the newest X-men movie is based on- that’s his, among a bunch of other equally epic ones. (The Brood, anyone?) Frank Miller was one of the artists that brought the pre-Giuliani grit of New York City to comics. Along the way, he also redefined Daredevil, cemented Batman’s eternal coolness in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and brought to life the epic last stand at Thermopylae in 300.

Sadly, the movie only skims the surface of the 1982 mini-series. It takes some characters and scenes but ignores the theme of the story. It is that theme that makes the story epic and the topic of this post. This is not a review of The Wolverine. A few moments on Google will find you a boatload of those reviews. Instead, let’s take a look at what Hollywood chose to ignore in that 1982 mini-series.

Fair warning- some minor SPOILERS for the movie below.

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Marvel Movie Marathon Maniac (Spoiler-Free)

Happy belated Star Wars Day! (aka May the Fourth Be With You!)

Two days ago Marvel’s The Avengers opened in the United States. I’d been waiting for this movie for some time so when I saw that the local movie chain was taking part in the Marvel Movie Event (a marathon beginning at 2:15 pm with Iron Man and culminating with the 12:01 am Avengers premiere) I knew that was how I’d be spending my Thursday. I started beating the drum on Facebook about two weeks before the event. By the time Thursday afternoon arrived I had quite a group of guys ready to nerd it up.

On a hunch, I brought my pocket notepad with me as I figured the event might inspire some writing. Also, I thought that tweeting between movies might be entertaining. Here it is- enjoy!

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