Checking In

Just a quick update- I did some writing today. Technically it was notes and thoughts for Story Orange. I’m going to count it though.

As I pointed out in my last post, I think I’m pretty solid at coming up with interesting and creative premises. I’d say that I rock the “elevator speech”. (In an alternate world, I’m a movie producer now sending someone to go write the story that I just created.)

I am OK with this. (For now.) In my mind, I have the gross mechanics down. I have a embraced the vulnerability inherent in creativity. I have a method of tracking my progress (you’re reading it). I am building the habit of this new activity. This all seems to be progressing nicely.

So, if I happen to be at a point that requires the consideration of nuances, I’ll take that as progress. I would assume that the learning curve for this self-transformation must appear differently at various points in the curve. This must be how it looks at this point.

I’m curious- if anyone is in a similar process of self-transformation or has been through such a transformation in the past, how did you recognize changes in the process? Did your strategy change? Please- read and SHARE!

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