Chapter 85: In Which My Blog Expands Ever-So-Slightly

If you’ve read the entries in my Open Notebook, you know that I began sharing my writing via this blog to cultivate that tiny creative spark inside me that still lives. While I am my target audience, as my tagline indicates, I do admit to the occasional bit of vanity when I know that someone else reads my stuff.

I am excited-like-my-niece-at-a-Twilight-release-party to share that my humble little creation- this blog- now shares a reciprocal link with a website that I read daily- Popehat. I realize that in the grand scheme of the Interwebz this is not a reality-shaking event. But it is to me.

As an aside, I’d point out that the site shares many of my libertarian perspectives. I consistently come down on the same side of the argument that most of the site’s posts do. And in any case, it’s just cool to see my website linked to theirs. 

I’d also like to point out that the left sidebar of my website now includes a “Blogroll” section. Please take a moment to check out that site. Support the creators that keep the content flowing through these tubes. Popehat is my first reciprocal link and, as such, will always share a special place in my heart. However- as I’ve already shared with Ken- I will not blog about ponies


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