Total Internet Domination, One Post At A Time

My digital world has expanded — ever so slightly — again. I will occasionally post pieces from this blog over to the blog at RallyPoint. I’ve often referenced my time on active duty in the US Air Force. No surprise — my military service was a key experience in my life. It certainly shaped my perspective on leadership. I’ve leveraged many lessons learned in the service into success in my post-military career.

I’m excited for the opportunity to participate in RallyPoint. RallyPoint is working hard to become the professional social network for military service members — while they serve, as they consider transitioning to a civilian career, or (like myself) after they’ve returned to civilian life. I think that many of the things that I write about are relevant to that audience. Posting my work to RallyPoint’s blog feels like a natural extension of my goal to write and share my work. So thank you to the folks at RallyPoint for helping me on my journey.

Some technical notes here — posts that are also available at RallyPoint’s blog will have the tag RallyPoint among any others that apply. The posts will be the same on both platforms but readers from one portal may find other interesting content on the other, so take a look around. Joining RallyPoint itself is only an option for service members but the blog is open to anyone. If you’re currently serving or a veteran, consider joining the site. For anyone reading this (in other words, those folks  with an eye for quality insight and keen wit) take a look at the other platform — TMPinSYR or RallyPoint’s blog — and see what might pique your interest there (or here).

So thank you, kind readers, that have joined me for some part of this process of self-actualization. I look forward to continuing this work and I wonder where it will take me.

As always, read — and enjoy!

p.s. Here it is — my debut on RallyPoint!


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