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Total Internet Domination, One Post At A Time

My digital world has expanded — ever so slightly — again. I will occasionally post pieces from this blog over to the blog at RallyPoint. I’ve often referenced my time on active duty in the US Air Force. No surprise — my military service was a key experience in my life. It certainly shaped my perspective on leadership. I’ve leveraged many lessons learned in the service into success in my post-military career.

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When Is An Open Door Not An Open Door?

Six months after I left active duty with the US Air Force, I was thrilled to be hired by Wal-Mart into a leadership role in their Logistics division. I had operated as a leader in smaller groups in the USAF and could not wait to apply my military experience into a civilian career. Everything looked good – except for that pesky Open Door policy that Wal-Mart was committed to…

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