A Dark Day… Avengers Disassembled

I’ve been holding out hope that Syracuse would get the 11 film, 27 hour Ultimate Marvel Marathon. Sadly, today my dreams were crushed.

I just spoke with a very nice lady at the Regal Entertainment Group’s Customer Service Center. She was very nice as she delivered the terrible news. Regal Cinemas would be playing the marathon in only 4 locations: Ontario, CA; Atlanta, GA; King of Prussia, PA; and Houston TX. It was Disney’s decision, she told me, where the marathon would play.

Curse you, mouse!

A failed attempt at bribery.

Clearly, he never stood a chance against Scrooge McDuck’s moneybags.

Abandoning loyalty to Regal, I looked at AMC’s options for the marathon. Not much better: Kansas City, New York City, Anaheim, and Orlando. Google Maps tells me it’s a toss-up between King of Prussia and NYC from here – around 4 hours for either option. Doable, but not ideal.

What’s a grown-up geek to do? For now, a sad walk courtesy of Charlie Brown and Arrested Development.

And of course, today’s dark news reminds me of brighter days – AKA the first Marvel Movie Marathon!

I think I see a road trip in my future…


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