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Judging A Blog By Its Cover

So, I’ve got a new header image for the blog!

A very good friend, the very talented Tami (her website is here!) designed a new logo and banner for me. I love them. They are uniquely mine and I love the whimsy feel.

As I’ve shared a few times, I’ve gone from writing as an exercise to free my self from the fear of failing to realizing how important this self-expression is to beginning a new chapter as a speaker. I’ve got an ambitious goal for next year and I can’t wait to share it with you! (In the meantime, interested in an entertaining and insightful speaker on the topics of diversity and inclusion, leadership, change management, or geek culture? Drop me a line!)

Just a happy little update this morning – thanks for stopping by, reading a post or two, commenting, and sharing! It’s been an amazing journey!


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A Pint in the Pursuit of Excellence

I’m a fan of the pursuit of excellence, the storyteller, and the American neighborhood bar. A few weeks ago, on the first day of our vacation to Ireland, I got to experience a magic trifecta of all three. (OK – to be fair, it wasn’t an American bar. It was our neighborhood bar’s venerable predecessor – the pub. Work with me here.)

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