Trying Something New

We’ll see how my jokes (all 4 of them!) go in the “News from the Interwebz” post goes. (Did you read it? No? Go ahead- I’ll wait here…)

I woke around 1 AM and had some thoughts that turned into that post. This could be a revolutionary new concept- a satirical review of news headlines! Next up, I plan to start a talk show, like Sally Jesse Raphael and Phil Donohue have, but instead of morning or afternoon- I’ll be on late at night. I’ll have a band, I’ll do a funny speech to open each show using a review of current events, I’ll have comedians and interesting people on, etc. I think I’m really onto something here…

Seriously, I’ve embraced this process and that includes putting myself out there. If my jokes fall flat, I’ll try something else. But I’ve already spent too much time being afraid of failing at this. I’m going to write, reflect, and continue. If you’re trying to transform yourself, hang onto your courage throughout your journey. You’ve got to expect a few missteps. The important thing is that you keep moving forward.



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