Brace Yourselves… A Challenge is Coming!

Fair warning- you won’t find a whole lot of introspection in this post. Think of this post as the harbinger of a new writing challenge- a Ghost of Posts Yet to Come. Just without the black hooded cloak and waking you from you bed at some ungodly hour.

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve exercised my creative muscles in the process of following a lifelong dream- to be able to truly call myself a writer. Shortly after starting the blog, I set a goal for myself to write everyday. (Here’s the beginning and the end of that event.) Overall, it was a good process to set a goal like that and complete it.

The good folks behind WordPress’s own blog, The Daily Post, have offered up a challenge of their own for this month: Writing 101. Every weekday in the month of June they will offer up a writing prompt and a twist. In their words, “Prompts are your post inspiration for the day, while twists push you to experiment and stretch your writing chops.” That’s it. Write just to the prompt while ignoring the wrist, use the twist as a catalyst for writing something else- whatever. It’s all good. The goal is to build that discipline of writing every day.

So starting tomorrow I’ll be offering up my work as part of this challenge. Depending on the piece, I’ll drop the post into the appropriate category. I’ll probably offer up the writing prompt and twist for context. In any event, all of the pieces will have the tag “Writing 101” in addition to any other one that makes sense.

That’s it. I’ve got no idea what these prompts and twists will look like. No clue what I’ll be posting over the next month. But I’m happy to be pressing myself to write. Enjoy!

[p.s. If you blog and are interested in challenging yourself this month, check out their post and dive in!]


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