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Pass Me the Quill and Ink Bottle. I’ve Got a Post to Write.

I  am a techie. Always have been. In 1981, I begged my parents to purchase a computer and was THRILLED when they finally agreed. They brought home a brand-spanking-new VIC20! I was the happiest 10 year old around!

Cave drawing of the 1st recorded use of a VIC-20

There’s nothing wrong with the photo.We lived in lower resolution back then.

Over the years, I’ve embraced changing technology. (Hey, we upgraded to the Commodore 64 not long after!) As a result, I’m always a bit perplexed when businesses think that staying current with technology is optional. My retired father – pushing 70 –  uses the Web for all of his banking. The integration of technology tools into every industry is an unstoppable process. E-business is a fact for almost any industry I can think of.

Adapt or die.

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An Open Letter To Those People Opening This Time Capsule In 2030

So… you’re welcome. We enrolled the Goon in a theater camp which started this weekend. You really have The Queen and me to be thanking right now.

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When Beginning A New Relationship, I Believe In Putting My Worst Foot Forward: A Love Story

Last month, The Queen and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Holy cow! If you’d been with us the night we met, you probably would not have expected us to make it this far.

Want to hear a funny story? Grab a beverage and pull up a chair…

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In a Band, Who Gets the Chicks?

This is simple. The hierarchy for ass in a band is as follows, as I have observed as a musician and roadie:

  1. Lead singer (Don’t even THINK about competing. They are basically humping the entire audience during the set.)
  2. Saxophonist (Most bands do not have one. But if they do, this man takes a backseat only to the front man.)
  3. Lead guitarist (Assuming no sax player, this guy has — almost — his pick of female fans.)
  4. Drummer (Old joke — what do you call a guy that hangs out with musicians? A drummer. But damned if they don’t look good back there beating their skins with their long, rigid shafts.)
  5. Rhythm guitarist (Doesn’t take the leads but still gets credit for strapping on the Strat.)
  6. Bass player (Hey, we know how to hit the groove!)
  7. Keyboard player (Barely a step above the road crew. Not that there is anything wrong with the road crew!)

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Found in the “Forever Alone” Aisle

“Table for one… table for one…”

Necessity is - sometimes - the illustration of loneliness.

The cold plastic illusion of companionship.

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November 29, 2014 · 5:34 pm